Sanyo’s high-quality cutting tools are mounted and utilized in a variety of machines ranging from lawn mowers and brush clearing to harvesting machinery and agricultural equipment. Our products have been meeting and exceeding customer expectations all over the world in a variety of industries and markets.
We would like to keep contributing to society with our products, and we want the world to be able to use Sanyo’s safe, durable, high quality blades.     We are looking for a distributor who can agree with Sanyo’s policy!

Our Products

Sanyo’s “Brushcutter Blades” for cutting grass, rough grass and weeds are used primarily in Asian countries but also reaching other international markets.
Customer feedback reflects on the durability of our products exceeding our competitors’. Sanyo’s “Saw blades”such as forestry clearing saws for cutting small bushes and brush wood are highly rated
by North American and European forestry professionals for their effectiveness. Our “Lawn mower blades” are specially processed and evaluated to meet our high standards on quality, sharpness and durability.
They are used on golf courses all over the world, including tournament clubs. Sanyo’s “TCT saw blades”, which stands for Tungsten Carbide Tipped, are used throughout Europe and Asia.
The teeth of the blade are coated with Tungsten Carbide and Cobalt to improve the performance of the tool while also reducing wear, prolonging its life. Produced entirely in Japan, our TCT saw blades are first in national market share, and now we would like to expand into international markets. In addition, we are focused on developing and expanding our array of tools to meet growing market demand. We produce specialty blades for weeding in orchards and vegetable fields, tools and accessories for rice fields and paddies, and we developed TCT saw blades for harvesting palm and sugar cane. Those are not only for professionals but also commercial landscapers and home owners. Our products have been contributing to user safety, reduce burden and efficiently. Other Sanyo products include popular pruning scissors, saws and loppers for commercial and domestic fruit harvesting.

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Made In Japan Quality

We are passionate about our products being made in Japan. By forming and heat treating our Japanese steel in-house, we can produce stronger and more durable products surpassing other companies.
Especially, by having our own heat treatment process internally we can refine the characteristics of our blades to meet customer demand and exceed expectation. Our proprietary grinding machines which were designed and manufactured by ourselves achieve an edge and quality to our blades that cannot be matched by our competitors.
There are many blades on the market, and accidents occur all over the world.

SANYO METAL is the top share company in Japan as a manufacturer of cutlery for use in agricultural, gardening and forestry machinery.

We use Japanese special steels for our various blades materials. We are not only strictly inspecting sharpness and durability but also controlling quality and safety by through integrated production inside the company.

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We export to 30 countries around the world

MADE IN JAPAN qualityspreading to the world

We have experience of exporting to about 40 countries, mainly in Europe and the Americas.

Main exporting countries

Italy / France / Germany / Sweden / Portugal / Spain / Greek / Poland / Russia / Netherlands / United Kingdom / Australia / Fiji / Turkey / Oman / Mexico / Ecuador / Honduras / Peru / Columbia / Brazil / Argentina / USA / Canada / Hawaii / South Africa / Kenya / Thailand / India / Malaysia / Singapore / Philippines / Vietnam /
Sri Lanka / China / Hong Kong
/ Taiwan / South Korea

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