2023.10.26 (Thu)


New Item “Weed Scraper” !!

Hello, everyone,

This is Ryoji Seki from overseas division.

In Japan, the weather become cold and cold.
So, people tend to catch cold and flu...
How about your area? I hope you stay healthy.

Today, I' d like to introduce new products called "Weed Scraper"!

This is manual weeding item. By original blade shape, you can kill the grass super easily.
Please check the specific using situation with YouTube video first.

The main advantages are below.

No -pain
You can work by standing. So, you are free from pain of hips and knees.

Low cost
Because of  hand (manual) tool, you don't need expensive machines like brush cutters!

Envuronmental friendly
Because this item don't have engine, there is no noise. Also, this manual tool doesn't cause stone flying and scattering.

Multi using way
1. Push - You can scrape the weeds from their roots. (0:28 in video)

2. Pull - You can cut the grass of the edge. (0:38 in video)

3. Stab -  Even the grass has strong roots, you can pick easily. (0:45 in video)


Easy assembly (2:22~ in video)
You just tighten 2 screws! When you want to carry our, you can disasseble easily.


By above caracters, I recommned to use in below situation.
Road side (concrete), Bush & Garden maintenance, Drain, Around house and school, Grave yard

If you are interested in, feel free to ask to below email address!


Thank you for reading!

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