2023.08.29 (Tue)


Thailand and India Exibition!


This is Ryoji Seki, sorry for long time no updates.

Actually, I've ben to business trip to Thailand and India!

In bothe countries, I met my customer and hear and surveyed the marlet situations.


Thailand customers voice

A. I love sanyo blades, the ride-on mower machines attached Sanyo blade are sold very well!

B. Sanyo's brush cutter blades' quality is perfect. Every year, I run out the stock as soon as restock.


India customers voice

A. This is first year selling but Indian customer are interested very well and try!

B. The blades are very popular and sold well. So, I expand handling item and order again.


Like above opnion, Sanyo blades become popular and poular in the Asia countries.

Many users tend to use Chinese blade but they are very easy to break.

So, users change their maind and start to use Sanyo blades.

Ex: 20 Chinese blade = 1 Sanyo blade durability.


Also, in India, we introduced our products with our partners in Agri Intex (Coimbartore)!

Many local users were attaracted to our blades!


If you are ineterested in our blades, feel free to ask us!


Best regards!

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