2023.05.01 (Mon)


Locally based Sanyo

This is Ryoji.

I hope you guys have great days.

In Japan, the climate become warmer and warmer, so many farmers abd gardeners start to mowing.

A few days ago, Kyo-Tango Agricultural Improvement Center's member came to our company!

In the discussion, we have talked about development of small & light weight agriculture machine.

Because Kyo-Tango area is located in mountain, so it is difficult to use big machines like tracters.

Also, the fact that the birthrate is declining and the population is aging seems to be adding to the problem...

Therefore, Sanyo will continuce to support them and make the best effort to help them.

Explaining how to make TCT Saw Blade for grass cutting.

All Sanyo blade have tracking system called Traceability.
So, in case of accdent, we can track to material and find cause.

After each process, we do very struct inspection.

We prevent to ship defect product to market.




In the end, May/3~May/7 is absent because of national holidays.

I will respond from May/8.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Your questions connenct to better product production!


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