Sanyo Metal Works is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and gardening cutting tools.

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Made In Japan Quality

SANYO METAL is the top share company in Japan as a manufacturer of cutlery for use in agricultural, gardening and forestry machinery.

We use Japanese special steels for our various blades materials. We are not only strictly inspecting sharpness and durability but also controlling quality and safety by through integrated production inside the company.

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We export to 30 countries around the world

MADE IN JAPAN qualityspreading to the world

We have experience of exporting to about 40 countries, mainly in Europe and the Americas.

Main exporting countries

China / Hong Kong / Taiwan / South Korea / Thailand / India / Malaysia / Singapore / Philippines / Vietnam / Sri Lanka / Italy / France / Germany / Sweden / Portugal / Spain / Greek / Poland / Russia / Netherlands / United Kingdom / Australia / Fiji / Turkey / Oman / Mexico / Ecuador / Honduras / Peru / Columbia / Brazil / Argentina / USA / Canada / Hawaii / South Africa / Kenya

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