2019.08.21 (Wed)


Comparison Test of blades

Why Sanyo’s blades are high price compare to Chinese blade?

It is because we use high quality material and manufacturing all process including heat treatment internally. We also do quality control and inspection which all blades can have same quality.

However, it is quite difficult to see the differences if you only check blade’s appearance. Some days ago, we conducted test both of Sanyo’s blade and the one which were manufactured in China. Please check below video.



The test contained durability test. HRC (Hardness) of Chinese blades are very low so that the blade bended when it hit iron only one time. Also, those raw materials are not good enough so the blades worn down quickly and we could not use it quite soon.

There is no lot number on the blade so we cannot trace product’s production process. Price of Chinese blade is very competitive, but when it comes to safety and efficiency, we are sure that you should use Sanyo’s blade which has very big advantages. We will keep working on our production management to deliver good products to the customers!!


If you would like to try our blades, please feel free to contact us through contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂