2019.08.06 (Tue)


New product “MUSOU Twin Blade



This is SANYO METAL which is a manufacture of a variety of cutting blades for agricultural, gardening and horticulture use as you already know!!

It has been hot more than 30 degrees day after day here in Japan.

Today, please allow me to introduce our new item, that is “TWIN BLADE”.

“TWIN BLDE” have one each of top and bottom blade which can cut the grass without kick-back and less stone’s scattering. This can be useful where such as the edge of road, park and near the car.

Blades have overwhelming sharpness and durability. In addition, top and bottom blade have rib processing and it achieved less noise. Even where people can use only battery products because of noise problem, you do not need to worry about the “NOISE” so that you can use much comfortable than Nylon trimmer, I believe.

Cutting quality and durability are nice because of Sanyo’s blade, of course!!

The product passed a variety of tests such as durability test which hit concrete a million times and impact test which hit iron meet ISO11806.

If you are interested in twin blade, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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