2019.07.30 (Tue)


New product ” Nakaboshi no tatsujin” !!


It's Sanyo Metal Works,  a manufacture of brush cutter blade, TCT Saw blade, Pruning saw and scissors.

Our new product, " Nakaboshi no tatsujin", is on sale now!
This product is effective for vegetable fields, and paddies after the water is drained.
The plastic cover allows you to remove weeds without harming your crops.
"Nakaboshi no tatsujin" is very popular with farmers in Japan.
In Miki, Hyogo Prefecture, where our company is located, the paddy fields are drying now. They will be harvested in October.
Rice grown in Miki is Yamada nishiki, a very famous ingredient for Japanese sake.

中干しの達人 中干し