2019.08.26 (Mon)


Comparison Test of blades 2

Let's have a look at the results of  2P Blade comparison test following last week.


2P compare



First of all, Blade “B” and “C” made in China does not have good numeral values of unbalance test.

This is because “B” and “C” are not keeping its balance.

If this blade was installed to a brushcutter and rotated, vibration would be occurred and led to fatigue and also damage to the blade.


Secondly, “B” and “D” have very low hardness.

If blades are too soft, it would be worn away quickly or it would be unusable due to deformation by a single impact.

“C” may contain impurities in the material so that it worn away quickly.


In other words, it seems that you are making economic choice by choosing cheap Chinese blades. In fact, however, you are making uneconomic choice.


Also, safety is the most important factor for brushcutter which a blade rotates at high speed.

If you choose the blades only the price, it could be occurred unpredictive issues later.

We recommend you to choose safety blades.