2022.06.30 (Thu)


What is Mid-term drying ?

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In Japan, the rainy season finished and summer has just come!!

Japanese rice farmer usually start mid-term drying from the summer.

I think Many of you don't know about it so, I want to talk what is mid-term drying!


・Prevent excessive stem growing. (If there are many stems, each stem become thin. To harvest good rice, the thick stem is needed.)

・Letting the bad gas out from ground and help it to absorb more O2.

・By above points, the rice plant grow healthy and strongly.


5~7 days


From this, you can understand how the mid-term drying important to make tasty rice.

But if weeds absorb nutrition from ground,  the rice plant get more weak.....

Sanyo solve the problem!

Please use "Nakaboshi no Tatsujin"! You can easily mow the weeds by just attaching on brush cutter.

Please check YouTube video, the way of use is very easy!

So, many Japanese farmer can't stop using them .

Sanyo is always your supporter.


If you have any questions or comment, please give me messages to below address.

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