2021.09.06 (Mon)


MUSOU Clearing Saw Blade

Hello, Every one!!

This is Sanyo Metal, a manufacture of blush cutter blades and TCT blades.


Do you have some hard episodes to cut  bamboos and bushes?

You may experience carrying chain saws for only cutting tiny tiny trees before...

BUT from this time, you don't need to have such tortures!!

Sanyo will add a new item.

It is MUSOU Clearing Saw Blade!!


24P × 225 × 1.8 × 25.4 (trees for~60mm diameters)

26P × 250 × 1.8 × 25.4 (trees for ~70mm diameters)



     1. Allow to cut small trees like bushes. (You don't need to carry chainsaws to cut small trees!!)

     2. Big tooth setting having very good sharpness and durability. (So, you don't need to make set tooth by yourself!!)

     3. Good fuel efficiency.

     4. No windows on blade (It prevents from tangled grass)

     5. Easy grinding blade


Recommendations for

・Cutting small trees with chainsaws until now

・Weeding and Thinning out

・Adjusting Buffer zone

・Cutting Bushes and bamboos


If you have any curiosity, please feel free to contact to us!!



Thank you

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