2019.10.16 (Wed)


Introduce of Sanyo’s Loppers “ANG-650/500”


This is SANYO METAL which is a manufacture of a variety of cutting blades for agricultural,
gardening and horticulture use as you already know!!

This time, we introduce of loppers "ANG-650 and 500".

It is very useful scissors to cut thick branches!!
In the  first, introduce to four feature.

①Lightweight  ②Clean cut surface  ③Easy to cut  ④Economical



This loppers are lightweight and it won't make your arms tired.

(ANG-500 810g, ANG-650 900g)


②Clean cut surface

Because anvil system pull and cut the blade, you can produce clean cut surfaces like sharp knives.

The blade has be grinded 2 step and is very sharp.

Therefore trees are hard to wither or get sick.

アンビル      切り口

表小刃     裏小刃

③Easy to cut

Thick branches can be cut effortlessly thanks to the power of gear.

The power of gear make your cutting power double with. Everyone can use easily.



④Economical blade

When the cutting edge wears and a gap is formed between the blade and the receiving blade,

you can adjust the receiving-blade to match the cutting edge.

Replaceable blade and receiving-blade are available.

刃受調節-2-01   刃部と刃受-02