2019.09.24 (Tue)


Rice field cutter ” Mizukusa cutter”


This is SANYO METAL which is a manufacture of a variety of cutting blades for agricultural,

gardening and horticulture use as you already know!!


水草カッター 2_水草人 itemimg02


Today we will introduce “Mizukusa cutter”. This product is exclusive used in paddy (rice) field.
remove the water weeds without injuring young rice plants. As cut the waterweeds,
rice can contain rich nutrition. Stir around the mud and give a stimulus to them, then raise strong rice plants.
Using the “Suisui Cover” (sold separately) makes it easier to use.
The resin cover on the outside would not damage stubbles of rice plants same as " Hatake no shaver".
This blade can be used in rice paddies field with water approximately one week to one month after
planting rice plants.

This product is used in many countries in Japan, East Asia and Southeast Asia.
Please note that fake products are on the market. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.