2019.09.17 (Tue)


Vegetable field cutter “Hatake no shaver

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This is SANYO METAL which is a manufacture of a variety of cutting blades for agricultural, gardening and horticulture use as you already know!!

Today we will introduce “Hatake no shaver and DX”, which is frequently inquired by customers. This product is used in vegetable field and orchard.

If you cut grass with a normal blade in vegetable field, you may cut crops by mistake.

However, in the case of "Hatake no shaver", the outer periphery is covered with a resin cover, so there is no worry about damaging the crop.

Because of its small size (145mm), it can mow the grass by the edge of crop.

Rather than cutting the grass, it is a product that shaves grass with the soil. So you can remove the root and make the next grass difficult to grow.

The plant height is appropriate up to about 10 mm, but it is effective to use like tap the grass from the top when it is a little longer.

Because DX is one size larger (185mm), it is very effective for shaving the grass around the seedlings of fruit tree.