2019.09.09 (Mon)


What is TCT Saw Blade?

TCT Saw Blade is the most popular brushcutter blade in Japan.
I would like to introduce to everyone what kind of products our TCT Saw Blade is.
<Advantages of TCT Saw blade>
"About TCT Saw blade
TCT Saw blades can be used in a variety of scenes from ordinary mowing to such as paddy fields, vegetable fields
and garden with miscellaneous trees.

In the case of cutting grass, the influence of soil wear on the blade is large.
So, TCT Saw blade's excellent in wear resistance can be used for a long time and with safely.
Also, depending on the angle and number of tooth, it can cut a wide from woody to soft grass.




< The Comparison of Chinese TCT Saw blade and Sanyo's TCT Saw blade>
We compared Chinese TCT Saw blade and Sanyo's TCT Saw blade.
Chinese blade which is the same price range as our product. It also adopted by Japanese brush cutter manufacturers.

①"Component analysis of tungsten carbide tips:"
・Alloy composition: It shows the ratio of WC (tungsten), Co (cobalt) and other components which make up the
carbide tip.
・Porosity: It shows the volume ratio of small holes of carbide tip. The carbide tip is fragile if there are a
lot of porosity or large porosity.

②Withdrawal strength(N) of carbide tip・・・We measured when tungsten carbide tip fall off if we apply how much

③Durability test・・・ Set the engine speed to 6000 rpm. We impacted blades to a concrete block 10,000 times
with a force of 5 kg / f to confirm breaking and chipping of tips.

TCT Compare

①Alloy composition・・・・・・・Iron(Fe) was found in Chinese two types products. Since the carbide tip contains
Fe so it becomes weak in strength, it might be get a piece chipped easily.

②Porosity・・・・・・・・・Chinese blade's carbide tungsten tip has a holes of 0.02% volume ratio of 10 to 20 μm
holes. Sanyo's carbide tip is not a hole.
We think that Chinese products are fragile and easy to crack. ⇒ Chinese TCT saw blade has a big problem regard
to safety."
③HRA hardness・・・・・・・All six blades are HRA 85 or more. ( Japan Industrial Standard: HRA85 or more)
④Withdrawal strength(N) of carbide tip・・ All of them are okay. We can say that RY is very strong.

⑤Durability test・・・・・・・Sanyo's products had no problem about chipping and cracking even they hit 10,000
times. On the other hand, Chinese products were chipped and cracked very early (only 10, 50, 500times hit). ⇒
Chinese balde are very dangerous product…