These are frequently asked questions (FAQ).

How can I find a proper blade?
Proper blades for grass mowing are 2P, E4P, and 8P.
When 2P and E4P are worn out, they can be flipped over and reused.
Blades with more edges are less likely to shoot pebbles and stones; thus, 4P rather than 2P, and 8P rather than 4P are safer choices.
KE3P, 24P, 30P50P, and 80P are suitable for mowing undergrowth in forests.
Chip saws differ from grass cutting blades; they have embedded super hard chips at the tips, which allow longer service life for individual blades compared to grass cutting blades.
It can also be used for a variety of purposes including soft grasses and small branches.
Describe safety features.
Sanyo Metal Works conducts impact tests and other types of tests and inspections so that users can safely use our products.
Individual products have engraved lot numbers for traceability if necessary.
Products are also covered with public liability insurance for unexpected incidents.
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