Hatake no shaver

Main uses


1) Easily attached to a mower for quick mowing.

2) The resin cover on the outside would not damage crops or fruits.

3) Reduces the flying of pebbles.

4) Since the blade can be attached to a mower, users do not have to bend down to remove weeds; they can easily mow while standing up.

5) Method of use: Place the shaver on the ground surface and slide the shaver above the ground surface to mow. Stubborn weeds spreading on the soil surface can also be removed by covering them with the shaver from the above.

Code Description For use Diamater ×Tooth Q'ty /Carton Gross weight/Carton
0859 Hatake no shaver Blade for Vegetable field 145mm×2P 40pcs 13.5kg
0860 Hatake no shaver spare blade Blade for Vegetable field 20pcs 2.7Kg