ZACT Prunind Saw [ Forests ]

Main uses


Forestry Landscapers and Farmers : Cutting trees and branches from 50mm to 120mm

1) Allows effortless vertical, horizontal, and diagonal cutting thanks to the use of rip blade.

2) The polishing to reduce thickness at the center of a blade eliminates the necessity of alternate top bevels and produces clean cut surfaces.

3) Impulse hardening produces ultra-hard edges.

4) Hard chrome plating resists rusts and the adhesion of tar.

Code Description Blade Length For use Q'ty /Carton Gross weight/Carton
1262 UP-2100 210mm Forest 60pcs 18.5kg
1263 UP-2400 240mm Forest 60pcs 19kg
1264 UP-2700 270mm Forest 60pcs 21kg
1265 UP-3000 300mm Forest 60pcs 21.5kg

Forests (Spare Blade)

Code Item Blade Length For use Q'ty /Carton Gross weight/Carton
1312 UP-2100K(Spare Blade) 210mm Forest 12pcs 0.5kg
1313 UP-2400K(Spare Blade) 240mm Forest 12pcs 0.6kg
1314 UP-2700K(Spare Blade) 270mm Forest 12pcs 0.9kg
1315 UP-3000K(Spare Blade) 300mm Forest 12pcs 1.0kg